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I simply adore her.



Hello goiz.
I know that currently only 2 people will be reading this, and I don’t expect that number to be rising any time soon. Which is wonderful really, because now I have so much freedom, and liberty, woo. I must start by saying the main reason I am starting this blog is because of a certain…

hey guys! So this is Rosins new tumblr, check it out :) x

My First Post


Hey there,

So I was in the midst of writing an essay for uni, when i decided to procrastinate, as one usually does. My best friend was talking about blogs, which prompted me to do something spontaneous, so I made my own one. Here’s a little insight into my life…

I’m a major Harry Potter…

feel free to check out my new tumblr :) this ones a little more personal 

I once met an old lady, whose husband had passed away

We were almost strangers yet she begged us to stay

She had wrinkles under her eyes

But when she smiled you could see them shine

All alone in that big old house

With no company but those old photographs

And that day i realised that loneliness is the worst fate

For there is little you can do when it is from yourself you wish to escape

i wonder if my friends truly know how wonderful i think they are :)